Masters Accounting/Inventory Vouchers Reports Fabrication Tag Dashboard

A C C O U N T I N G / I N V E N T O R Y   V O U C H E R S

l  Add New Item (Create SKU)
l  Purchase/Add to Stock/Opening Stock
l  Retail Sale/Wholesale
l  Sale Return/Purchase Return
l  Approval/Approval Return/Approval Confirm
l  Metal to Metal Transaction (Ledger Issue/Ledger Receive)
l  Conversion of Metal (Any Purity to Any Purity)
l  Conversion of Diamond/Stone (Sorting)
l  Conversion/Split SKU
l  Amount to Gold/Gold to Amount (Bhav Katna)
l  Order/Repair
l  All Type of Vouchers (Payment/Receipt/Journal/Expenses/Contra/Loan/Indirect Income/Debit Note/Credit Note)
l  Footfall

l  Loan (Amount/Gold)

Purchase Bill Sale Bill Receipt Voucher
Conversion SKU Create Item/SKU Footfall