Jewellery Accounting Software (JAS) has all features of a good Jewellery Accounting Software
1. Stock accounting (With Image)
2. Financial Accounting
3. Bar coding
4. Purchase (against Credit Cash/Cheque and also against gold)
5. Sales
6. Support all type of Taxes
7. Purchase Return
8. Sales return
9. Splitting item before sale
10. Rough Estimate Printing
11. Sale Set (Also support: Sale of any item from the set of jewellery)
12. Metal to Metal transaction and Metal Ledger
13. Metal to Rupees and Rupees to Metal Conversion
14. Purchase of old gold and old jewellery
15. Auto conversion of gold of any purity to any purity
16. Discount (at the time of sale / Discount policy as per customer)
17. Approval (Both to customer from Vendor)
18. Banks
19. Expenses
20. Add to Stock
21. Trial Balance
22. Profit and Loss Account
23. Balance sheet
24. Customer and Vendor Ledger (In Rupees)
25. Customer and Vendor Ledger (In material Gold etc.)
26. Billing
27. Vouchers
28. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
29. Catalog
30. Data Security and reliability
Sales Report
Purchase Report
Stock Adding Report
Stock Report
Stock Movement Report
Bill Printing
All type of Vouchers
VAT /GST Reports
All ledgers
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Catalog printing
Mailing Stickers /Envelop printing
Analysis / statistic / Graphs / Charts / Alerts etc.

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