Masters Accounting/Inventory Vouchers Reports Fabrication Tag Dashboard
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    l    Financial Accounting (GST Enabled)

    l    Stock Accounting With Images

    l    Purchase/Sale/Purchase Return/Sales Return Invoicing

    l    Bar Code, RFID

    l    Rough Estimate

    l    Gold to Amount and Amount to Gold Conversion

    l    Gold Conversion Any Purity To Any Purity

    l    Purchase Of Old Gold And Old Jewellery

    l    Splitting Items

    l    Approval

    l    Bank And Expenses

    l    Trial Balance, Profit And Loss and Balance Sheet

    l    Gold Trial Balance

    l    Customer And Vendor Ledger (Rupees and Metal)

    l    All Type Of Vouchers and Reports

    l    CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

    l    Auto Email and SMS For Anniversary, Birthday, Schemes

    l    Catalogue

    l    Data Security And Reliability

    l    Loan Interest (Gold Loan/Rupees Loan)

    l    Transaction Verification

    l    Stock Verification using RFID